If you’re anything like me…you will LOVE this secret sales weapon!

I have a secret sales weapon.Secret-weapon

It is a sure fire way to get on the same side of the table as your prospect. Especially those who are resisting a sales conversation with you.

The secret weapon? A few simple words.

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“If you are anything like…”

This is one of the most dis-arming comments you can make in a tense sales conversation. It immediately makes your conversation personable.  Here’s how it works:

Depending on what you are selling and how closely related you are to the person, you will use one of two phrases.


The first one is: “If you are anything like me, then you hate to make a decision quickly without doing some research” OR “If you are anything like me, you hate being called at dinner time” OR “If you are anything like me, you like to have someone else in on a decision like this.”

Now, here is the magic. It DOES NOT matter whether they feel like that or not. They are dis-armed. They will either say “Yes. That is exactly like me” and you can move forward about how you overcome that problem to make a buying decision.

OR – they will say “No, actually, that isn’t really like me – here is how it is for me.” And then you can deal with that – you’ve got them talking!


The second one is: “If you are anything like most people I talk with, then you were not sitting next to the phone hoping a sales person would call you to discuss technology solutions” OR “If you are anything like most of the people I talk with, then you like to  have heard of a company before you do business with them” OR “If you are anything like most of the people I talk with, you are busy right now, but happy to set an appointment for the next couple of days.”

THEN – you make your ask. Such as…”SO, I was hoping we could schedule a call in the next couple of days to have that conversation” OR “I was wondering if now might be a good time to learn a little bit more about why our clients are wild about us” OR [Insert YOUR ask here].

Have some fun with this. It’s best when you can get a chuckle of recognition.

If you are anything like me, you hate making cold calls, and delighted when you can find a way to warm them up!

See what I did there?

Go out and LOVE ‘EM ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



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