For the sheer love!

Do you have ANY idea how tough it is to be a salesperson?

(If you are NOT a salesperson, you may be thinking, “Well, then DON’T be a salesperson if it’s so tough!)

Really? It’s also tough to be an engineer, a mom, a business owner, a neurosurgeon, an astronaut. Should we not do those, too? Of course we should!

This is to all you sales pros, who go out and make it happen for their companies, day-after-day, sometimes really getting KICKED in the TEETH, you deserve a bit better than an ordinary post, don’t you?

Super Salesperson

Let’s shift the focus a bit, shall we?

Sales can be quite magical! (ting)

After all, who HASN’T bought a great pair of shoes from Zappos?

OR, who DIDN’T try the chocolate mousse after all because the waiter was being so fantastic with them all evening?

When we have a great buying experience, with a delightful salesperson, WE HAVE A GREAT TIME!

So, where did sales go wrong?

Hard to say for sure, but there were some bad apples that ruined it for everyone. RIGHT?

Let me create a whole new world for you. Do you have a minute?

Great salespeople love three things:

Making a difference for their customer
Making a difference for their family
Making a difference for their company

Am I wrong?

You might want to jump in and say, “Making a difference for their own wallet” and you wouldn’t be wrong. Some do!

But, they only get to make a difference for their own wallet if you are consistently a customer.

When was the last time YOU put yourself at risk in a conversation? Really at risk?

Did it go well?

Sometimes it doesn’t go well for salespeople and we feel embarrassed, or defeated, or upset.

And then, we get up and do it again.


Because we know it makes a difference.

For our customers, our family, and our community.

Without sales, the economy comes to a dead halt.

You must transact with people to make life work.

For salespeople…Keep getting better and more empathetic! Be responsible for how people relate to you and be great with them!

For buyers…Give salespeople a break! Imagine they want you to get what you want.

Let’s go and love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


Lose the pronouns!

OMG! I was in a TERRIBLE sales presentation the other day. TERRIBLE.

The presenter was Hooked On Pronouns.

“We, you, they, it, he, she, their” … it went on and on. (Example: So, I said this to him about it, and he said he was interested in their results.) WHAT?


When you use pronouns, you make your audience feel like idiots!

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Let’s Go All The Way!

Take a little ’80′s Break!Lets go all the way

Remember when you really hit your stride as a salesperson?

Maybe you only have one memory of it. Maybe you have had many.

What was it that made that time so magical?

Perhaps you would say that you were lit up by the product you were selling. Or the challenge. Or you had a great team around you. Or that people really wanted to hear about what you were selling.

One or all of those things might be true.

I want you to consider something. Look and see if this resonates.

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Ever just called someone to see how it’s going?

If you believe that sales are founded on great relationships.

And, most of us still do. Especially in this world of complex sales.

Ever thought of calling your decison-maker up – just to see how their life is going?

It will test your ability to GET OVER IN THEIR WORLD.

What if your customers viewed you as someone who called them because you were interested in what THEY were dealing with. Not just what you could sell them to help them. You won’t always have the answers.

Can you see how much more FUN you would have calling on people?

You have fun. They have fun.

You will find out things about their children, their marriages, their pressing concerns.

You do it because you “getting the deal” isn’t the most important thing to them. But, their life IS important to them.

Do you know that salespeople don’t do this?

Stand out. Demonstrate that you are truly out for THEM.

Love ‘em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

VaVaVaVoom Interview! Success is NOT for the weak of heart!


You are about to read an extraordinary interview that might REALLY shake you up!

If you are committed to being successful – you may have found books and conferences on success intriguing, but they don’t  get you there…Dan upsets that applecart!

BEWARE - Dan’s message can be confronting. It is the TRUTH about what it takes to be a top performer. Not a guide on how to shortcut your way to the top.

(Notice how that hasn’t worked for you?)

If you can handle the truth, READ ON!

I can handle the truth

Has success been elusive? Get EDGY!

Got EDGY?Check this out! Dan’s EDGY introduction of the game-changing book!

I HEART DAN WALDSCHMIDT. He is one of the most accomplished, generous, and committed people I know – committed to OTHER’S success. He is EDGY and real and awesome. The Irreverent Sales Girl would be nowhere near where we are today without his awesome-ness!

Here is what Dan has to say about the book he released today!

“It took us four years of work to figure out what really makes ordinary people do amazing things. Like you, we had read many books about how to be successful in business, how to stay motivated, and how to get rich. When we finished reading each one we though “if that formula works so well why is it that I don’t get the results that the book says I should be getting?”

We threw away the books and motivational seminars and started looking around at ordinary people who ended up unbelievably achieving outrageous success. We looked for common people who accomplished amazing feats of success and dug a little deeper into their stories. The more we started looking, the more examples we found.

From business to math to science to sports to politics,  we studied 1,000 ordinary people who achieved success against all the odds. What we uncovered were four clear character traits that I had never read about in any book. We call it EDGY. (And wrote our own book about it.)”



Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete.  His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider, has been the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, and has published hundreds of articles on progressive business strategy. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success.

AND, if you order NOW, he’ll send you his workbook FREE!

Love your success UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Five Steps to Taking Control of Your Destiny – One Morning at a Time!

I am delighted to share this article from a salesperson I recently met who, frankly, blew my socks off!

Please meet Cait Green, a truly remarkable saleswoman. Her enthusiasm, her ability to quickly detect what is important to other people, and her drive captured my attention! Could she really be this excited all of the time? This on point?

So, I wrote an email to Cait and asked her what I really wanted to know…Do you WAKE UP excited?

Here’s what she wrote. I got a ton of great stuff from it and have even put a few things into my morning that have made a difference….I haven’t added Julie Andrews yet, but, hey, if it works, it works!

From Cait:

Do you wake up excited?

Heck yes! “The hills are alive with the sound of music,” for me anyway. My alarm clock sounds at 6:30am each day with Julie Andrews belting out the uplifting opening number from “The Sound of Music.” People often laugh when I let them in on my little show tune secret, but HEY it works for me. It’s difficult to make time for ourselves in the midst of hectic and demanding schedules, but it’s crucial to find something that inspires you to greet the day in a positive way. Cue the birds chirping and Julie spinning arms wide open against the backdrop of rolling green hills and I’m up and ready to take on the world.

I don’t allow myself to catalogue the myriad thoughts that are RACING through my mind at the start of the day, in bed. Beds are for sleeping. Here are my simple morning steps for success…

STEP 1: Avoid that snooze button like the plague and GET UP.

STEP 2: CLEAR YOUR HEAD. For me this entails some combination of feel good tunes (lots of Beyonce as of late) and exercise, preferably outdoors. You’re going to be grinding all day so it’s important to allow yourself the time to mentally prepare for the hard work at hand.

STEP 3: MAKE A LIST! I’m not talking about a list that begins with…”make a list” so that you can immediately slash an item off in thick black marker with a satisfied grin. It’s imperative to set goals each day. It’s easy to get carried away in creating an inventory of the MILLION things you NEED to get done NOW. Be smart about it and prioritize at least 3 tasks associated with your goal(s) that you can realistically accomplish. You want to end the day feeling fulfilled and carry that momentum through to tomorrow. So there’s no point in setting unrealistic expectations for yourself that will ultimately leave you feeling like you’ve fallen short.

STEP 4: READ. It can be an excerpt from Radical Acceptance, Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha (a great read) or a chapter from The Hunger Games (also a great read). It wakes your brain up. NOW, peruse the trades that pertain specifically to your area of sales expertise; an article or piece of research you can dig up on a prospective client or an exciting event that impacts your marketplace. Being well versed and up-to-speed on industry happenings sets you up for success and gives you the confidence you need to engage your clients in an interesting and meaningful way.

STEP 5: REMIND YOURSELF TO BE YOUR BEST SELF. Relationships are at the heart of success.  It is all about the connection forged and maintained between the parties transacting. Working hard to BE YOUR BEST SELF is the key to being the best professional you can be. Relationships flourish when we take care of ourselves, which enables us to best meet the needs and expectations of our partners.


You owe it to yourself and to your clients to devise a morning routine that works for you. Sometimes I want to toss Julie Andrews right out the window when she starts in on her 6:30am serenade, but I don’t. I refuse to allow the negativity to seep in while I lie in bed …dread gathering at the thought of placing my feet on the cold floor. We all know how quickly our anxieties can snowball and intimidate us into inaction. When you take control and focus on getting excited about what the day holds for you…you WILL succeed!

And of course, take the time to prepare and eat a great breakfast…a little French pressed coffee goes a long way in making you feel like a BOSS.

Note from ISG: As many of you already know, I particularly like the Kerry Ellis version of Defying Gravity to get me going in the morning!


Love your whole day UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Take the 20 minute challenge to speed up sales!

Take the 20 minute challenge! Business was moving at the speed of molasses.

Deals were stacking up. All that was required was SOMEONE putting pen to paper, but no one was doing it.

The roadmap to RESIGNATION

I was on my way to the land of RESIGNATION! Where booze flows freely, the entertainment is On Demand, the food is decadent, but it is an empty, empty world. Nothing is getting done … and escape seems the only good thing about my day.

As appealing as a trip to the land of RESIGNATION seemed, I thought that this time I would take a detour. I called my dear and very successful friend whose business has been EXPLODING lately and asked her for her advice. How was SHE blowing business out of the water and I was stuck?

And here is what she said!

She told me that she had been creating a “clearing” for business to come in. Huh! Taking actions that create a new context for her day and for the way her business goes.

I wanted something a bit more concrete – more actionable.

She said. Play this game with yourself. Make it a point to return every email, every phone call, every communication within 20 minutes. Be a RESPONSE machine!

WOW! Interesting.

So, I agreed. For one week, I was going to play the game. Between 8 am and 7 pm every day, I was going to respond to people within 20 minutes.

Know what happened?

1) My pipeline got even MORE full with truly interested and qualified buyers
2) I closed a deal and another one is on its way this week
3) My activity went WAY up – so that I am meeting those goals, too!

Now, if you think this is all a little “woo woo”, I assure you it is not.

Let’s take a look at what is in play here.

Meeting People Where They Are

The golden KEY to sales is being where your buyer is. It is our biggest challenge. We have entire marketing teams dedicated to it.

When your buyer sends you an email, they are thinking of you and they are interested in engaging with you in that moment. You have about 20 minutes before their mind moves on to something entirely new and you are forgotten.

The LEAST EXPENSIVE and EASIEST way to be where your customer is at the right time, is GET RIGHT BACK IN TOUCH with them – when they are thinking of you!

Activity Breeds Activity

As you get active, you will see other actions that you want to take. You will communicate more and more often. If you make more requests, you will get more responses. Period. You will get more meetings. You will get more “no’s” which you can move out of your pipeline. You will get more “yes’s” which you can move into your pipeline. You will get ideas and inspiration! You will be a communication machine!

Putting the Universe on Notice

When you get in touch with EVERYONE (I mean everyone! Not *JUST* customers!), you are telling the universe that you are open for business! Not in a “woo woo” way – although, we all have heard that when you create a true intention that the universe moves to fulfill on that intention. I don’t know much about that, but I DO know about this natural law called INERTIA.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. Why argue with natural laws? You fight authority, but authority always wins. If you put things off, you will get put off by others!

If you want to BREAK THE BACK of RESIGNATION, you are going to first have to get your body in motion. Which means – it will take some extra energy to get you moving, but once you do, it will ACTUALLY take extra energy to STOP being in motion! Inertia is your friend or your mortal enemy. You get to say!

Take the 20 minute challenge!

I challenge you today to take the 20 minute response game on! For one week, play the game of getting back to EVERYONE within 20 minutes, then tell me what happened! I think you will be amazed!

Love ‘em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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