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You May Be An Order Taker If…

If you’re having trouble hitting your numbers, you may be an order-taker!

What do I mean by Order-Taker?

An order-taker is a salesperson who is  so knee-deep in the accounts they are working  and the inbound requests they are responding to that they stop prospecting.

Don’t get me wrong. This can be a great cushy life – but, if you’re not consistently taking some actions to fill your pipeline with new, fresh opportunities (hunting), then I promise that your savvy sales chops are getting rusty – and you are running the risk of a pipeline that dries up!

Watch the Order-Episode of The SellOut Show! 

It gets worse! Order takers often become so reactive to the urgency that is right in front of them that they don’t even grow and service their existing accounts to their maximum value.

It’s a trap!

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A great way to get referrals to new clients!

My car was broken into the other day.


I needed a new side passenger piece of glass…..

I was sent to Safelite Auto by my insurance company……

And then, the MOST EXTRAORDINARY thing happened.

They fixed my car at a time and place that worked for me. The service was impeccable. My car was vacuumed of all the broken glass.  ALL of the windows were cleaned. It was done quickly and everyone was friendly – even made sure I had a place to eat and relax while they did the work! WOW!

As I was paying my bill, I noticed a sign in the back of the office. It read, “Delighted customers refer FOUR TIMES more often than satisfied customers”


First, let me refer you to Safelite Auto if you are ever in need of glass repair. Second, take a moment to think.

Are your customers DELIGHTED?????

How would you know?

If you’re tired of knocking on doors to get new leads, these are the questions to ask!

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