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The time-share sale

Who’s right and who’s wrong in the classic time-share sales model? You know the one I’m talking about. The time-share company invites you to come down on a “vacation” that is completely paid for – in exchange for you listening to an hour “pitch”.

So, you go.

Then you complain that you were subjected to a “high-pressure” sales pitch – maybe you even bought something – something you may even regret.

I ask you, “What did you expect?”

If you’re willing to present yourself as a prospective buyer – which you have by taking the offer of being in a one-hour sales presentation – why aren’t you willing to be responsible for your own experience of the sales pitch?

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please think them through before you share them. Please look from both sides.

Love the process up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Not sure whether to laugh or cry

Reading this article about the six Jedi tricks that salespeople use to hoodwink you, I found myself in a quandary. Can I post this? Should I? (Please forgive the occasional profanity – not really my style).

Well, it’s clear to me that salespeople still aren’t a very trusted bunch!

Interestingly enough, I didn’t know these techniques even existed. Maybe it’s not true that all sales professionals have thought this stuff through. Maybe it is. Probably about 1% of salespeople are and just giving the rest of us a bad name!

But, buyers can take some responsibility, too! If you learn what triggers you to make decisions that aren’t consistent with your values, your needs, your budget or your research…….you, too, can bring a dash of dignity to the art of selling.

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Buyers be smart!

Sellers – knock it off!  Provide real value. The rest will take care of itself.

Love ’em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Greg Smith’s communication wins….

Greg Smith’s Communication regarding his departure from Goldman Sachs receives an official

Irreverent Sales Girl Award of Merit

Whether or not he is naive. Whether or not he is even telling the whole truth. This communication is worthy of a person who is willing to bring a dash of dignity to the art of selling.

This is a great story to read.

Congratualtions, Greg! You are the first recipient of this coveted award!

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The Irreverent Sales Girl

STOP doing this NOW!!!

A good friend of mine walked into the car dealership the other day… can smell where this is going already, right?

With her, she had (1) her car (in impeccable condition), (2) a desire for a new car, (3) pink slips, and (4) cash in hand. What salesperson doesn’t LOVE that scenario?

When she sat down with her sales guy she asked what the price was that they were willing to accept for the new car, taking into account her trade.

The deal the sales guy offered was twice what she was willing to pay (of course, she’d done her homework on both her car and the new model).

She said, “That is completely out of the ballpark for what I am willing to pay.”

He said it was the best he could do.

She said, “Thank you.” And walked to her car.

You know the next part, right?

Right! He followed her to her car and revealed that he had made a mistake about the trade-in value of her car. He didn’t realize it was the superior edition, he thought it was the base model. In fact, he could do a couple thousand better.

Well, this was just a flat-out lie. She was sitting with the salesperson when he pulled up her VIN number with all the details about her car. When she pointed that out, he claimed the VIN number doesn’t give that information (but indeed it does).

His offer still wasn’t close. And now she was FURIOUS! The story gets worse, but – sadly – it’s one we all know! We EXPECT this at a dealership. We EXPECT this from salespeople.

So, here’s the thing….STOP behaving this way. If you are in sales, I don’t care what it takes, leave your job, bring dignity and honesty and take a risk in the job you currently have, do SOMETHING NEW. If you are playing games with your customers, you MUST STOP NOW.

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If you’re not careful, sales is going to get a bad reputation! (*wink*)

Truth is. You make WAY more money on the truth. This guy could have been courteous. Even asked her what her number was. Then, told her straight if they could do that or not. Then he could say straight what he was willing to do.

Salespeople feel frustrated that buyers come in with a number that doesn’t leave them room for a profit.

I promise you two things. First, buyers do this because they have been treated badly for decades. (Also, not all buyers do this). Second, if you’re straight with people and get them what they want, you WILL make money and your customers will send EVERYONE to you. Slam dunk city!

I’m just sayin’,

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The bad habits come marching in….

Doesn’t matter who you are.

If you are human, you are a creature of habit.

I’ve started to notice……If I’ve had a wildly great day, my next day will be poor or mediocre at best. It’s what limits my effectiveness.

Do you have this internal enemy? The one who makes sure that status quo (survival) is the norm?

How do you change it?

Work it to your favor!!!!! You alone know your energy and its cycles. USE them to your advantage.

Yes, you can do powerful things to change your habits, and I invite you to do that. But, if you TRUST your energy cycles and you commit to being amazing….it will fall into place!

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You know I’m telling the truth! How many times have you worked and worked and worked for no result…and then you took a day to relax and everything came pouring in?

Love your destiny up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Wicked cool insight today!

Sunday afternoon — updating my Contact Management System (ugh).

I started doing follow up with people I have NOT been able to reach.

Turns out busy, motivated people are online on Sunday afternoons and my email isn’t mashed up against meetings and deadlines!

I got ONE response from someone who’d gone totally dark – she was so excited to hear from me! Turns out she’s making a proposal to her boss tomorrow about my service and was glad I reached out because she needed a bit of information for her presentation. I haven’t heard from her SINCE DECEMBER!!!! Coincidence? Hmmmm…

Then, I got a presentation scheduled with someone I’ve been trying to reach for over a month. MAGICAL!!!

Who knew? Perhaps you already DID know this. Please don’t keep these secrets to yourself anymore!!!

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Any other hot ideas for engaging “hard-to-get” people?

Love me some KISMET!!!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The quote for the week!

“It’s easier than you think, it’s harder than you’ll ever know….but once you’ve accomplished it, it’s more obvious than you would have ever imagined.”
~ The Irreverent Sales Girl

Good to remember when you’re up to BIG goals!

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Love yourself up! You’ve got what it takes – or you wouldn’t have imagined it in the first place.

Be afraid…be VERY afraid….

If you were asked to do the ONE thing that you are most afraid of tomorrow.

Write it down…what is it? I’ll wait!

Good. Did you do it? If you didn’t do it, write it down now, seriously.

Now. Figure out a way to do that tomorrow.

Send me your results.

You WILL be surprised. Just, don’t let yourself off the hook.

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Love DANGER up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Kill Bill vol. 2

Yesterday, I commented on the perfection and eye to detail that Quentin Tarantino pays to his Kung Fu movies.

The comments were spot on. People rarely practice excellence anymore – they just “do what it takes to get it done”.

Which is good and bad news for you –  because if all you do is practice excellence you will stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. (That’s the good news).

Here’s the bad news – your ENVIRONMENT isn’t practicing excellence which is going to require YOU to push yourself even harder.

What will you pick? We’ll see!

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Love your life up! It’s the only go ’round you’ve got…..make it worthy of excellence.

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Kill Bill

Over the weekend, I watched Kill Bill vol 1 and vol 2:

Here’s what I noticed…..

Quentin Tarantino’s perfect amplification of his childhood love is PRESENT! He studied! I’m talking about Kung Fu (btw).

Are you willing to be an EXPERT? With that level of EXCELLENCE? Do you have ANY idea what that will take?

The second thing I noticed was …. “If you Live by the sword, you die by the sword” ….and if you don’t die by it, you have to deal with that you are a killer.

Choose your weapons and your mentors well.

The final thing I noticed is the PERFECTION OF THE CRAFT!!! Who do you follow? Are they worthy of your craft? Are you willing to be worthy of your craft?

BE worthy of the work of your life.

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Love your craft up! Be worthy of sales and make your sales worthy of your life.

The Irreverent Sales Girl