In case sales gets a bad reputation…

I was meeting with a friend of mine the other day who was telling me a story about a company who recruits people to sell for them. I am going to leave them un-named!

This company counts on that 4% of the people who sign up will actually stay with the company. My friend was meeting with a recruiter for this company and a new recruit – after the new recruit left, my friend turns to the recruiter and says, “Do you think she’ll make it?” Without skipping a beat, he replied, “No way!”

So, why did he waste her time? And his?

Turns out there was a recruiting competition on! He was just signing ‘em up.

This is problematic on a lot of levels, but it’s WORST for the recruiter. Know why?

NOW, he gets to know that HE is someone who would sell someone out SIMPLY to make something work for HIM.

If we keep that kind of stuff up, sales just might get a bad reputation! (*wink*)

Moral of the story: Always know YOURSELF as someone great! You can’t fail and people around you will win, too!

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