The 5 hours of Doubt!

This week, a professional consultant told me that my business will never work

I spent most of yesterday mourning my demise. Relegated to a job. Not able to make my dreams come true.

Then, The Irreverent Sales Girl came to me and said, “REALLY? REALLY? You are going to GIVE UP NOW? REALLY?”

SO, I picked myself up… got in touch with people who love me …


I don’t care how long you have been putting aside your dreams or who tells you that you can’t have it. Get back on the horse! NOW! It takes courage… and you have it.

Love your challenges UP! (It’s not easy)

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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One thought on “The 5 hours of Doubt!”

  1. This reminds me of Erika Napolitano’s post about picking the ditch you’re willing to die in. We have to be able to soberly declare that we’ve chosen the ditch we’re willing to die in. That means die there whether it’s an epic failure or a blazing success. Die there as testament to a commitment to oneself and one’s vision.

    I face something similar with someone who’s got 25 years of experience with something and I’ve got no experience. He’s definitely someone to listen but I can hear him diluting my idea to be something that MIGHT make more money quicker. I’ve picked the ditch I’m willing to die in while maintaining full respect for his knowledge and experience.

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