Need a BRAND NEW idea?

So, I am driving through middle America this week, enjoying the pre-Fall in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio. Many clients to see, and many hours in between.

I am listening to Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” on audio books. Believe it or not, I have never read this all the way through. What a mistake!

At any rate, one story stood out for me. It was about a man named Burbank – who boasts over 200 patents with the US patent office. Not Steve Jobs, but a brilliant man who made a fortune for himself and others.

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Hill talks about a practice that this interesting man used to do. When he was stuck on a problem with a new invention – and he need a BRAND NEW IDEA – he would go into his “sitting” room.

This “sitting” room was entirely closed off from light and was mostly sound-proof. He would take a pad of paper, a pen, and have a light switch at his finger tips. And then, in the dark, he would close his eyes and wait. He would wait to tap into the “sixth sense” – what Hill calls the “Creative Intelligence”. He would wait until he got inspirations about entirely new approaches to his puzzle. And then he would write, sometimes for hours, EVERY little thing he received from this session.

Companies hired him to “sit” for them.

I realized. I rarely spend time deliberately shutting everything out until I get a new point of view in the places I am stuck. Seems like it’s worth a try!

What about you? What do YOU do to get inspired?

Love your ambition UP!

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