If you ain’t buyin’ it, they aren’t either!

Even the BEST salespeIf you ain't buyin' it, they aren't eitherrson in the world can’t sell just ANYTHING.

Take for example, my very good friend. He loves the product he sells and there are some add-ons that make sense for the right buyer.

But, there is one service his company offers that he thinks just ISN’T worth the price. Now, his fellow salespeople can sell this service with ease. AND the support team recommends it as a way to guarantee success.

He just can’t seem to spit the words out of his mouth. “This service is important AND it costs THIS much!”

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So, guess what! He never sells that service. At a huge cost to his company, himself, and sometimes a dis-service to his client.

What did he do?

He started talking with people who USE this service and started to see the value for himself.

Now, he can sell that service to the right people with ease.

And the house, can I tell you about the house?

A wealthy friend of mine has an absolutely beautiful and unique property to sell. It is in the millions. It is spectacular.

it has been on the market for FOUR YEARS.

Turns out that the house just “isn’t his agent’s style”. She can’t sell it. Why? She doesn’t “buy” it.

The owners are re-listing with an agent who “gets it”, AND raising the price to match the special nature of this property.

Guess what!

I bet it gets snatched right up!

Moral of the story

If you can’t “see” it selling, you won’t be able to sell it.

Either stop pretending that you can or will OR get interested in WHY someone can or will.

Love it UP!

The irreverent Sales Girl


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