I’m drowning!!! Top 5 Tips for Overwhelm!

Ever just get OVERWHELMED???I'm drowning!!! Top 5 Tips for Overwhelm

I am!

I just got back from an awesome-sauce conference and I’m headed to Dreamforce next week.

What’s a girl to do?

With email backlogging and laundry spilling over and thank you notes to write and expense reports to submit and deals closing and prospects calling and presentations to make … and the dogs are DYING for a walk! THEN to get ready for the next week!

Welcome to an OUTRAGEOUS life! 

Yep! If you are having the overwhelms, it simply means you are living an OUTRAGEOUS life! You are up-to-stuff!

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Here are my TOP 5 tips for having it all work (notice I didn’t say – having it all handled!)

Number One: WRITE it all down! 

YES. Take a minute and dump your brain into a messy to-do list. Everything you can think of that needs to be handled. This will only take a short time (I promise).

Number Two: COMMUNICATE before, during, and after!

Chances are you could’ve predicted that you were going to be somewhat submerged for a bit of time. Right?

Chances are that people expect you to be available to them if you are up to big things and have loads of responsibilities. Right?

(BTW, I am TERRIBLE at this one!)

So, BEFORE you go away to that conference or on vacation or into a maelstrom of a meeting-packed week, TELL people. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell your clients. Tell your prospects.

DURING the time you are away, set ALL of your email accounts (personal and professional) with OUT OF OFFICE settings. Let people know what they can expect and the best way to reach you if it is ASAP or SOS! (I give people my “text me” information.)

AFTER you get back, look at who needs attention (review your checklist) and write a quick note letting people know when you can respond (make sure you put it in your calendar to respond at that time).

Number Three: CANCEL and RESCHEDULE and JUST PLAIN CROSS OFF things that are not a priority.

Do a quick review of your messy to-do list and quickly take stock of the things  you MUST do right away to keep your momentum.

Everything else is not CRITICAL (NO it is NOT all critical) – cancel it, reschedule it, or toss it out.

Number Four: ASK FOR HELP! 

Chances are that someone else in your life has a little more space than you do right now. Ask them to help out. Be sure you are available to do the same for others when you can.

Number Five: BREATHE and then FOCUS! 

I like to keep reminding myself to FOCUS on what I am NOW DOING. We believe we can multi-task. But, we can’t. And pretending that we can puts us in HOT WATER.

If you have it all written down, it will not be lost. Focus on the task at hand. Cross it off when it is finished. Move to the next item.

Soon, the waves will subside and you will have some time to re-group. The few minutes you take in steps Number One – Four will give you HOURS of extra productivity and TONS of peace of mind.

And don’t forget to…


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