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Creating my Incredible 2013

Creating my incredible 2013I am creating my incredible 2013 – with the help of this truly wonderful resource: http://leoniedawson.com/shop/k

I am going to shamelessly steal from the planner (please go get it – so inexpensive – so powerful – WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!)

From Leonie Dawson (who you will LOVE):

“The Entrepreneur’s path can be the most spiritual experience of your life [btw, salespeople ARE entrepreneurs]

You will be called on to change every part of you that holds you back, so that you may step into your brightest magnificence.

The path of growth, of expansion, of transformation, of change, is not always the easy one.

It will cause you to face your fears, all the parts of you that are undeveloped.

You have no choice but to step into this, whole of face and whole of heart.

This is the path that is calling you, the path that has been destined for you.

This is the path that is calling your greatness out of you, it is the path that calls you to dream your biggest dream.”

Salespeople ROCK!

Love your Courage, Brilliance, and Perseverance UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Your incredible week!


Your incredible week!What if this is the week that changes everything? A magical event happens that gets the ball rolling faster than you could have ever imagined? Why not?

What if all you had to do was take 10 minutes RIGHT NOW and write out the 3 Most Important things that you can do TODAY that move you towards your dreams? TIP: Baby steps are typically the most effective.

(Where is all this energy and enthusiasm and clarity coming from? I have been working the Leonie Dawson 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook and planner and I LOVE it! http://leoniedawson.com/shop/k)

Careful. The 10 minutes you are going to take to do this DOES require thinking.  And listening… to your heart, and your intuition.

Have you got your 3 most important things? GREAT! Get the calendar. When are you going to do them?

NOW! Pump up the music and rock your day out! (I mean it. Having music playing alters the way your brain thinks and works! I use Pandora in my office and pick a “station” that gives me crazy good vibes.)

Lather, rinse, repeat – for all FIVE days! Just see what starts to unfold!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



Hot dog breath

OK. I don’t particularly like this expression. Ewwww!

But, it’s a powerful concept.

One of the most effective managers I’ve ever met used to bring her team in on the first day back from a holiday weekend (much like we’ve just had) and she would have the “hot dog breath” conversation. (You’ve all been at hot dog parties all weekend).

Here’s how it went: The first hour of the day, she would have the entire team talk about what they had done over the weekend. Clear it all out. Then, they would talk about what they were going to accomplish that week and THAT day in particular. They would formulate their plan.

Then they would GET TO WORK and produce results right away!

How much of a difference an hour of planning can make! Jack Canfield asserts that one hour of planning is the equivalent of seven hours of work.

So, tomorrow, if you don’t have an amazing manager like the one I mentioned, take some time for yourself to acknowledge your “hot dog breath”, the fun you had while you were off, then create your intentions and your plan for the week and for your day.

Love your work UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl