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The Power of “What Are You Doing About That NOW?”

You’re in a sales conversation. Things are going pretty great. The questions your customer is asking are easily answered by your solution.

THEN, they throw the zinger at you. The question you can’t answer easily. The problem they want to solve, but you don’t have a plug-and-play answer.

You wrack your brain…you start making things up

You start thinking crazy things like…”Hmmmm….If they are asking for it, they must need it.” OR “Wow, my competition must be able to help them and I CAN’T!” OR “Help! I’m going to lose this sale!”

PAUSE. Take a moment. 

Then say, “That’s a great question. What Are You Doing About That NOW?

This question ALONE is a money-maker. 

Now, listen. Their answer will be VERY telling. It will give you access to FOUR options which will help you shine like a ROCKSTAR and ONE option that will help you stop wasting your time.

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The FIVE power options

1) They will tell you that they AREN’T doing it now, but they would really like to.
This will give you the chance to commiserate with them. “Yes, that WOULD be great. Unfortunately, we don’t do that now. Why is that important to YOU? Have you heard of anyone else who does that, because I haven’t.”: (NOTICE: Now you are on THEIR side of the table and you can gain valuable information about any competitors who might be in the mix.)

2) They will tell you the painful way they are handling that now.
This will give you the chance to commiserate with them. Then, you can talk about OTHER possible solutions to their problem that you CAN help with. You can use examples of other clients who have had similar issues and have solved them with YOU!

3) They will tell you the way they are working around the problem.
This will give you the chance to encourage them to continue to use their workaround and YOUR solution. Then, you can launch into how YOUR solution is going to solve so many of their other problems that this workaround might be less painful.

4) They will tell you that your competitor DOES offer a solution.
This will give you the chance to find out what your customer’s TOP priorities are. Is the competition able to deliver the more important solutions that YOU can deliver? Then, ask them if they would be open to you sharing the solution your competitor offers with your manager so that your company can possibly start working on a baked-in solution for your service.

5) They will tell you that they currently have a good solution to that particular problem or that your competitor offers a good solution for them.
This will give you the chance to find out if the solution you DON’T have is a deal-breaker. If it is, bow out gracefully and thank them for considering doing business with you. (You will STILL look like a ROCKSTAR, by the way, you just won’t be closing the business. Funny thing is, sometimes when you bow out on the “deal-breaker”, you find it wasn’t a deal-breaker after all and they appreciate your honesty – AND THEY BUY!)

So, when you get into a jam. And you customer wants something you can’t help with. Be calm. And confidently ask, “Hmmmmm….What Are You Doing About That NOW?”

Love your selling UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



REALLY great salespeople, employees, people view themselves…

….as the CEO of their own company!

I am clear that if I do not do my job, the people in my company don’t eat, don’t feed their children, don’t provide health insurance to their loved ones.

THAT is what it means to be the CEO…you view the WHOLE of your impact.

Great accountants know this. They provide a solid ground to walk on.

Great attorneys know this. They provide clarity and protection.

Great receptionists know this. They are the brand of the  company.

Great salespeople know this. They know that they feed and clothe everyone in their company.

WAKE UP! What you are doing is CRITICALLY important!

When you “show up”, everyone around you wins! (This includes you)

When you “phone it in”, it may not seem important in the moment, but it matters beyond what you can imagine (To YOURSELF especially – now, you are someone who “phones it in” – not someone who GOES FOR IT –  just sayin’)

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NOW, what do you see about your current job…more important…what do you see is possible?

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


I was asking my friend today why people care about what I have to say. I was very  interested because, truth be told, I am FATALLY FLAWED in ways I cannot even begin to count – and in many cases, still not willing to share! HA!

I am un-organized, I lack follow-through, I am sometimes extremely selfish and very stingy with my love. I’m pretty sure I am way behind all of you in success. I am a “preacher” and I lack the confidence to be vulnerable. It all keeps me very small.

Yet, there was something she said that hit the mark. She told me that I am INFECTIOUS! I love people. I love them NOW, in the moment. I never say never and I never give up – until it’s time to give up, of course.

INFECTIOIUS … she says. I can see that! I like to light other people’s fires and see them shine. I like to get excited about what I have to say and what you have to say. I like to say “yes” and let the chips fall where they may.

Today, I was on the phone with a company who is going to sign a contract with me. (I sell into Fortune 500 companies, as a rule…to set some context). When they told me that they were ready to move forward, I let out a tiny “yay” and said, “I’m jumping” (and I was – I was jumping in my office). This CRACKED THEM UP and they generously countered with…”as happy as you are, we are 10 times happier…this is going to solve our major problems”. It was a magical moment.

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So, I’m literally terrible at many many things. Yet, I am JUST LOVELY at one very important thing. I am INFECTIOUS!

The moral of the story is not that YOU need to be infectious (although, I suspect you are more than you know if you would simply let go from time-to-time). I think the moral of the story is BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Show your passion for what you love. The hardest one…BE VULNERABLE. If you have the time to watch this marvelous TED talk on being vulnerable…it will rock your world. http://bit.ly/fgr5V7

Today, I am VERY grateful for those of you who are engaged in the conversations I am having with you. I have few followers, but you are MIGHTY and interested and wildly INTERESTING.

That’s what matters to me.

Not hundreds of thousands of followers, but people who are really out to accomplish something and provide something even if they can’t see why or how…just ‘cuz they are called to do it. I am in a powerful community and I am grateful for you.

NOW.. Let’s go be INFECTIOUS. Are you in?