Hidden Mysteries Week – The Formula for Wealth

I’m just finishing Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol. What a page turner!Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

As expected, this tale includes Dan’s crazy and potent method of story-telling: Page Turning Thrilling Events, Secret Societies, Government Conspiracies, Near Death Impossible Situations, Symbology, to name a few.

And, as always, Hidden Secrets in Plain Sight

I am not sure that Dan meant to hide the secret of true wealth in plain sight in this book, but I think he did a phenomenal job.

We are privy to a compelling scene; one where a wealthy and powerful man, Peter Solomon, is passing a substantial portion of the family fortune to his newly-minted eighteen-year-son. The family passes inheritances at the BEGINNING of life since they intend the gift to be a seed…a seed for the young person “to nurture, make grow, and use to help nourish mankind”.

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As he hands his son his “birthright”, he worries – [paraphrase] – “Wealth in the hands of a wise man will be a blessing to the world. Wealth in the hands of a foolish man will destroy him.” (This is NOT the secret, we ALL know that).

Then, Peter passes along the formula for TRUE WEALTH

Peter then speaks the true legacy of his extraordinary family to his son, Zachary. As he passes the portfolio he clarifies:  “The aim is that you use this money to build a life of productivity, prosperity, and philanthropy.”

This phrase struck a longing inside of me

“Gee, I wish I had that kind of wealth.” And then it occurred to me. Maybe Peter has laid out a FORMULA by which you obtain extraordinary wealth!?


So, I started mapping it out

This week, we will be exploring the pathway to success that becomes illuminated by this hidden formula, which we will explore in three ways:

First, we will explore the progression P →P→P→W

Then, we will discuss P + P + P = W

And finally, we will consider that, really, P3 = W

Any ideas where this conversation is going? What do YOU see?

More tomorrow!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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