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Hidden Mysteries Week – The Formula for Wealth Part IV

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolThis week, we are exploring Dan Brown’s hidden formula for wealth (as interpreted by me) in his Best Selling book The Lost Symbol (you can read this week’s post to get caught up).

First, we explored the progression we uncovered that says: P→P→P→W

Then, we thought about the equation P+P+P=W




Today, is the most fun! And the most difficult to imagine mastering.

Today, we are considering that the real hidden formula for Wealth is:  P3 = W 

Yep! It’s geometric and exponential and takes into account multiple expressions of each of the three P’s. Of course it would!

Wealth is a complex thing – otherwise, everybody would have it!

The First “P” and its many forms – Productivity

  • The internal life: It is rare for us to examine what is going on internally when we talk about productivity. Mostly, we look at the actions we are taking and the results we are getting and we call that productivity.

However, in this complicated formula, one that few ever crack,is the most important place to look first: What is going on in your head?

Are you saying productive things to yourself?  Or are you doubting your every move and criticizing yourself mercilessly?

You will need to do the hardest thing possible, MANAGE YOUR MIND. (Consider reading the book What to Say When You Talk To Yourself.)

If you can’t be a productive thinker, you can’t be truly productive.

  • The external life: The next most important piece to being productive is PLANNING. Most of us have a weak muscle for planning and we fool ourselves into thinking that we can be productive without it. Planning requires hard mental work. It requires focus, imagination, curiosity, and study.

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolPopular culture says it like this: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (Ick! Warmed over porridge, I think).

More my favorite is The Art of War quote: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

Start slowly or you will be discouraged. Mastery of planning will increase your productivity exponentially.

Then, comes DISCIPLINE. Once you have planned well, you must now execute. And you must do it without cutting corners and by doing every job completely, all-the-way-through. Period.

Imagine the person building a bridge from perfect plans with substandard materials and measurements and execution. I wouldn’t drive my Mack truck over that one!

Of course, prioritization, time management, and great delegation go into productivity, but the most compelling and almost always missed is MANAGING YOUR ENERGY.

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolMy coach used to say: “If you owned a million-dollar race horse, how would you treat it? What would you feed it? Who would you let handle it? How would you exercise it?” A critical part of productivity is Self-Care. This is a hard one to face, but it is inescapable!


  • The public life: When what you create in life helps OTHERS be more productive (think Edison and the light bulb, Guttenberg and the press, the list goes on and on), you are certainly on your way to great wealth.

Onto the Next “P” –  Prosperity – the fun one!

  • The internal life: If you are committed to mastering the formula for wealth, I invite you to spend time and actions for the three P’s. Surprisingly, the P in Prosperity can happen in many cool ways. We are starting with the internal life. In other words, the things you are feeding your brain.

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolWhen you are learning cool new stuff, reading a great book, laughing at a funny joke, having an imaginative conversation, solving a puzzle, meditating, watching an informative TV program (NOT Hardcore Pawn, for example), visualizing, praying – then your mind is enjoying Prosperity. (Read this great joke – you have now been Prosperous!)


  • The external life: When you are earning great money for your work, when you are investing in assets (stocks, bonds, passive-income-generators), you are experiencing and expressing prosperity. It also happens when you buy that rockin’ car or house that you are clear you CAN afford. It happens when you are living debt-free.

Other ways to express prosperity are taking naps, going on vacation, enjoying an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning, sipping a great glass of wine.

It is important to your mental and psychic health to experience Prosperity.

  • The public life: When you give OTHERS access to prosperity, you give them access to their own prosperity. All around you become prosperous.

This includes having sumptuous parties on your yacht and inviting ALL of your friends. It includes putting a Profit Sharing Plan in place at work. It includes sending your sales assistant a luxurious gift or a gift card for their hard work. When you make sure those around you experience Prosperity, you amplify your own access to Wealth!

And the final “P” – Philanthropy – the most satisfying of all

I also like to call this one Contribution (but it messes up my “P” thing)Hidden Mysteries - via Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

  • The internal life: When we do things that contribute to others and to society, we actually experience mental health benefits. We feel great about ourselves, rejuvenated, IMPORTANT. Contribution, making a difference, and giving back are scientifically proven to increase our fulfillment and happiness.

Try it! You’ll like it!

  • The external life: It is often said that you can’t give what you don’t have. I can’t give a dollar to a another person if I don’t have it myself.

Getting involved in a cause bigger than yourself is an outward expression of Philanthropy. You and those around you benefit.

The dog you adopt, the child you sponsor, the student you tutor…all of these express that you are wealthy and contribute to your life experience of Wealth. Remember, that even one small difference you make – even if no one ever knows – is the Starfish story.

  • The public life: The public life is most likely the most obvious expression of Philanthropy. Bill and Melinda Gates are an excellent example of giving back. And it makes a difference for everyone they touch.Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

But, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the desire and ability and act of giving back, or the wealth to do it? Things that make you go … Hmmmmmm!

When you do the work to make your communities stronger, you grow better friends, more expensive neighborhoods (which raises the value of your home), healthier employees, smarter children, and more affluent customers.

It is often said that what you give away will come back to you ten-fold. Of course, the more you have to give away (based on Productivity and Prosperity) will bring you even more Wealth.

Can you see how the formula builds and builds and builds on itself?

The more productive I am internally, makes me more productive externally, which makes me more productive in society!

The more prosperous I am internally, makes me more prosperous externally, which makes me more prosperous in society.

The more philanthropic I am internally, makes me more philanthropic externally, which makes a more philanthropic society – which turns around to benefit me.Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

So, P3=W is the most powerful Hidden Mystery for Wealth in the Dan Brown novel The Lost SymbolAnd Peter Solomon said it in only one sentence:  “The aim is that you use this money to build a life of productivity, prosperity, and philanthropy.”

This Dan Brown guy is quite a marvel!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Hidden Mysteries Week – The Formula for Wealth Part II

Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost SymbolThis week, we are exploring Dan Brown’s hidden formula for wealth (as interpreted by me) in his Best Selling book The Lost Symbol (you can read yesterday’s post to get caught up).

First, we said we would explore the progression we uncovered that says: P→P→P→W

This is the most obvious of the three we will discuss

In simple language, the more productive I am, the more prosperous I am likely to become, which gives me more ability to be philanthropic (or to find ways to contribute). 

When I am productive, which leads to prosperity, I am able to give more away – then I have truly become WEALTHY.

This progression is linear and does not require much thinking. However, it is also intellectual and does not do much to create a NEW paradigm for me.

It is obvious, but not compelling.

In fact, some COULD argue that this progression is more of an argument for W→P→P→P. If I am already wealthy, it allows me to be more productive, more prosperous, and more philanthropic. So, it really doesn’t do us much good.

The moral of The Lost Symbol story turns out to be that the Ancient Mysteries of Life are hidden in plain view…

…and available in many Universal texts, philosophies, and practices, including Alchemy, Astrology, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism…among many others.

Just as the words of those works can be read at face value – with very little impact on the reader, so can our equation for wealth be read at face value. But, if we look a little deeper (which we will do over the next couple of days) a new paradigm can start to arise.

Do you see it?

I can not wait to hear your thoughts!

Love your hidden secrets UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Hidden Mysteries Week – The Formula for Wealth

I’m just finishing Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol. What a page turner!Hidden Mysteries Week - via Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

As expected, this tale includes Dan’s crazy and potent method of story-telling: Page Turning Thrilling Events, Secret Societies, Government Conspiracies, Near Death Impossible Situations, Symbology, to name a few.

And, as always, Hidden Secrets in Plain Sight

I am not sure that Dan meant to hide the secret of true wealth in plain sight in this book, but I think he did a phenomenal job.

We are privy to a compelling scene; one where a wealthy and powerful man, Peter Solomon, is passing a substantial portion of the family fortune to his newly-minted eighteen-year-son. The family passes inheritances at the BEGINNING of life since they intend the gift to be a seed…a seed for the young person “to nurture, make grow, and use to help nourish mankind”.

As he hands his son his “birthright”, he worries – [paraphrase] – “Wealth in the hands of a wise man will be a blessing to the world. Wealth in the hands of a foolish man will destroy him.” (This is NOT the secret, we ALL know that).

Then, Peter passes along the formula for TRUE WEALTH

Peter then speaks the true legacy of his extraordinary family to his son, Zachary. As he passes the portfolio he clarifies:  “The aim is that you use this money to build a life of productivity, prosperity, and philanthropy.”

This phrase struck a longing inside of me

“Gee, I wish I had that kind of wealth.” And then it occurred to me. Maybe Peter has laid out a FORMULA by which you obtain extraordinary wealth!?


So, I started mapping it out

This week, we will be exploring the pathway to success that becomes illuminated by this hidden formula, which we will explore in three ways:

First, we will explore the progression P →P→P→W

Then, we will discuss P + P + P = W

And finally, we will consider that, really, P3 = W

Any ideas where this conversation is going? What do YOU see?

More tomorrow!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Are you more important?

Are you more important?Who do you measure yourself against?

How are you measuring up?

I invite you, for one moment, to take stock of the people who value you as important.

The world “seems” to say that if you are vastly wealthy and famous, that you are more important (I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t be vastly wealthy and famous – you should if you want to be!)

What I am saying is – It is possible that you haven’t taken stock of who you REALLY are. For yourself, for your peeps, for the world.

There lies GREAT value in the person who likes to sit behind the scenes and listen. The engineer who builds the bridge and never has his name engraved on it – he/she holds great value to all who pass.

YOU are important if you care. Even if you care about the fact that you aren’t doing enough – It is a signal to you that you ARE important (right?)

You are here to carve out your place in the world. You may not realize it, but EVERYONE who sees you let someone in to a traffic jam, who watches you give a dollar to someone who needs it, sees you pick up a piece of litter in a bathroom…IT MATTERS.

If you want to achieve INVALUABLE wealth in this world, keep giving, every chance you get. It is noticed.

And, you will be famous among those who matter. And you will enjoy immeasurable wealth.

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl