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Who Loves Prospecting? Can I hear a “NOT ME!”?

I promised this week would be about some of the best in the biz to learn from! Great salespeople are not born – they learned how to be that way!

Thank Goodness, because I am anything BUT a natural.

But, I was committed. I learned, and I learned, and I learned. And I got really good!

But only because I was learning from the greats!

Today, I want you to check out Mark Hunter’s new book – High Profit Prospecting!

It’s a little like the great tips you need for making the most of your workout at the gym.

I mean – who wants to go to the gym and work really hard, just to find that they exercises they are doing are getting them nowhere near to their goal?

Same thing with prospecting. Nobody thinks it is easy or comfortable, but your success as a salesperson depends SOLELY on your ability to prospect and have plenty of the right people to call on!

This book takes you there fast!

Here’s Mark talking about the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtaurUelIqQ

And, here’s how to get the book! http://amzn.to/2d901gv

Make an investment in yourself and …

Love your prospecting UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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The Price Is Right – STICK TO IT

The Price Is Right – STICK TO IT!

I had a crazy pricing conversation a couple of weeks ago – a real nail-biter!

I have been selling to a Fortune 500 company. On a larger deal than I have closed in quite some time.

We were in legal, negotiating the contract.

They had seen our price list. They had picked their products, we had an order form.

Then, came the price conversation. They asked for a separate conversation to “iron out the details of the order form.”

Sure, no problem.

We get on the phone and they start laying out their problem. They think our service is awesome and they cannot wait to get started, but they absolutely MUST start the program as a PILOT and ramp up into an Enterprise solution.

So, the way they had figured it, the first year should cost about 25% of our quoted price. Then, they could ramp up to full capacity.

They complained that if they couldn’t get this 75% discount, the person running point on the project would probably lose his job because the executives were counting on him to get the right deal at the appropriate price.


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Be part of something BIG!

Have you ever wanted to use your talents to make something GREAT happen for someone else?

Pretty sure you have!

Recently, the publisher of the Salesforce.com blog told me that she is DYING for Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce) to recognize her efforts to support the sales community.

SO, let’s help Jennifer win her game, shall we? (It’s easy, I promise!)

I spend HUNDREDS OF HOURS animating this video (don’t believe me? try animating a video!)


You will LOVE IT!

So have fun watching me take my first ever steps, but please hit SHARE, too. If you help us, we can go viral! How fun! And Jennifer will be abl to keep her job! Works for everyone.


Thank you for being awesome!

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Grl