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“How to be the best version of you…” SERIOUSLY???

"How to be the best version of yourself" SERIOUSLY???Alright, my lovelies, I must prepare you for a rant.

The title of my blog post tonight was the subject line of an email I got today.


Yes. We all need to invest a bit from time-to-time in ourselves. But, PLEASE…how many people are trying to sell me stuff about being the best version of me? Promises unkept. Time wasted. Money thrown down the tubes.

Please remember who you REALLY are…

You don’t need someone’s “warmed-over-porridge” advice about how to do common sense things to make your life work.

You know if you’re doing the right things. You know when you aren’t. And you also know how to ask, in your darkest hours, for the things you desire. Don’t give them away to posers.

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Inside, you know your calling and your purpose

Follow that! Be brave enough to follow that and stop being distracted by thinking others know more than you about how your life is to play out.

I am taking my own advice tonight

I have three things to do this year in my business:

1) Close my quota
2) Write my book
3) Earn my income goal

That is all

I may win, lose, or draw, but I will not be distracted by people trying to tell me how to be the “best version of me”. How would they know?

Did anyone know how to tell Madonna, Michael Jordan, or Lincoln (as examples) how to be the Best Version of Them? I guarantee they would have gotten it wrong.

Go boldly forth …

and be exactly who you know you are called to be.

Love your own path UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Feelings…whoa, whoa, whoa Feelings!

PuppyNow that I’ve got you humming THAT in your head.

2012 Goals – How do feelings play out?

I noticed something today. We are headed to the end of the year and I started reviewing the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.

I set Minimum, Target, and Optimal goals for each area of my life. Health, Home, Finances, Work, you know the drill.

Minimum, Target, Optimal

Minimum…the absolute minimum that I want to achieve.
Target … the “good” goal
Optimal…the very best I could imagine in that area
(This is something I learned from Jack Canfield in “Efffortless Success”)

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Which one did I NAIL? PUPPY!

Here’s what I noticed. There is one Optimal goal in particular…that I NAILED months ago. It happens to be the one that I have THE MOST EMOTION around.

When I got my puppy two years ago, we found out (at a very young age) that he has elbow dysplasia. A situation that can be crippling. Not years from now, crippling NOW. He was limping. I made my OPTIMAL goal that he would be healed (something the vets say is impossible). We haven’t done the x-rays yet – coming in December, but my puppy is HEALED, no limping, no pain, no signs.

When I found out about his situation, I was a WILD WOMAN. I was going to prove the authorities wrong. I have done EVERYTHING there is to do to make him better. And it has WORKED.

So, WHY not the other goals?

When I look at my other goals…I see that they looked like “nice to haves”. The ones that I had EMOTION around (even fear, sadness, worry), they got DONE. The ones that are less infused with emotion, not-so-much.


I’m actually a little disturbed. Some of the goals I set for myself…I really meant them. How do I conjure up FEELINGS … true FEELINGS for them? Am I so comfortable that I can only be driven by fear and worry for someone else? Am I only about the status quo until something bad is looming?

How do YOU make yourself care? I want to know!

Love your goals UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Time for the whiteboard…the end of the year CRUSH IT!

Tomorrow I bring out my favorite FOURTH QUARTER sales weapon. My way to Bring It On Home for the end of the year.

My good old tried and true magnetic whiteboard.

I will write the goal I intend to reach on the far right. I will list every deal I have closed underneath and subtract to get me to the number I desire.

Then, I will create a magnet for each and every prospective customer in conversations with me right now. I will divide my whiteboard into Monday _ Tuesday_ Wednesday_Thursday_Friday and I will move my magnets to the last day I interacted with my pipeline peeps!

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Nothing slips through the cracks. I can visually see where I am at all times. It works like a charm.

What I can move, I can measure. What I can measure, I can manage.

What do YOU do to keep your business in front of you and moving? I would love to hear!

Love your systems UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

What I learned from Galaga this week

Have you ever played Galaga (the video game)?

I LOVE that game. Haven’t played in years.

This weekend, I went to a resort in the Smoky Mountains that had the vintage game Galaga! YAY! I was so happy.

I started playing. I was having a blast. Playing and playing and then…something interesting happened.

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I started approaching the HIGH SCORE! YAY! I was going to beat that high score. WOW! The first time EVER I was going to be on the screen for being the HIGH SCORE.

So, what did I do? I started playing the game with an eye on the score…and GUESS WHAT!

GAME OVER at 10 POINTS UNDER the high score. Aaaaargh!

Isn’t that just how it goes? You are playing like a winner and THEN you look at the score and GAME OVER.

I played another game after that and came nowhere near my first score. Then, I just turned the game off.

The lesson? Keep your eye on playing. Let the score INFORM you, but keep your eye on the game.

When I am being my best and doing everything I know to make my customer happy, game on! When I calculate against what someone else has done or the “score” I am hoping to achieve…it comes to a DEAD STOP!

Love the game UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

You’re NOT sorry!

Dangerously close to losing an important account, I received a call from a business owner that I know. He was very worried that he and his client had a mis-communication and that he was now going to lose the account AND not get paid for the work his company had already performed.

I admired the way my friend was willing to take responsibility for the breakdown in communication, but something was amiss. As I listened, I heard something beyond taking responsibility and it was moving him into desperation. He was saying that he was SORRY for the disconnect with his client. And he was BEING sorry.

When we got that pointed out, he went on to have a stellar meeting with his client, a powerful conversation – as if the disconnect had never happened and his client gave him more work!

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Look, you may be in the wrong about something. I urge you to apologize and make it right. But, don’t be sorry. You aren’t a sorry person. Unless you say so. Work to take this out of your vocabulary.

(Hint: Use “I apologize” and remove “I’m sorry”)

Be straight about what’s so with your peeps! Work to get disconnects resolved. Be clear that you are amazing – and you will be amazing!

Love yourself UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The trick to dealing with overwhelm

Didja ever notice that the more overwhelmed you get, the more paralyzed you get, and the less you get done?

Funny thing about overwhelm…….when you get there it feels like there is an INFINITE amount of things that need to be done.

That’s the lie. There is a FINITE amount of things to get done.

When I finally remember to do this next exercise…..it always works.

I sit down with a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet and I write down EVERYTHING that comes into my head that requires my attention. I just jot it down as it comes into my brain….no filtering.

Then, I go back through the list and write – “Not Now” next to the items that I’m just not going to take care of right now. That one is REALLY fun!

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Usually, at this point, my energy is flowing enough to put “due dates” or “priorities” next to each of the open items.

If I’m feeling ESPECIALLY freed up – I block out times in my calendar to work on my list.

This always restores me and it is SUCH a relief. Somehow, life gets moving along again.

Love your systems up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl