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WWISGD about Prospects Who Waste My Time?

rsz_meeting-1019995Dear Irreverent Sales Girl,

I enjoy your blog posts, and have a question I hope you can help with.

Forgive the long intro, but I want to put the question into context:

Two weeks ago, I was introduced to a prospective client by a mutual business friend. Let’s call him “Bob.” Bob wanted to meet face-to-face. I tried to schedule the meeting at a half-way point for us.

His response? “I’m so busy I wouldn’t be able to vacate the office unless we have billable work to discuss.”

Again… this was a “meet and greet.”

So I hustle out to their office on a Thursday, which is 35 minutes away. I also discover that Bob’s ‘office’ is actually within another company’s office. The owner of that company (“Tom”) was also in the meeting and seemed to be the driver of the meeting, not Bob.

We had a good meeting. Tom tells me he was impressed with my communication. And when I left, he told me he’d be out of the office on Friday but he’d get back to me on Monday.

I followed up the following Friday. Then I followed up again the next week on Wednesday.

No response.

I followed up again today with a more pointed question:

Hot or Not?

Was the project they discussed with me still hot or was it put on the back burner? I clarified that I didn’t want to be a pest but I do follow up. I said I would respond accordingly to the status.

So, Irreverent Sales Girl, my question: do you have any suggestions on how to handle one-on-one meetings for the ‘solopreneur?’ I am seriously considering not meeting in person anymore unless a consulting fee is paid.

I’m looking for action-takers not time-wasters. Any input from you would be appreciated!

Thank you,


What to Do in Columbus!

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The 4 Laws of Sane Competitive Selling


Dear Irreverent Sales Girl, Winning Team Mountain Climbing

I need some help!

I am starting a new sales job and really want to be successful. I am starting with a company who has an exciting product, a primed marketplace, and a culture of team-play.  Tons of management support and excellent compensation models.

Sounds good so far, but here’s the problem.

I’m a competitive person. I’m an ambitious person. I like to win. I like the thrill of the hunt and I like to be acclaimed for my victories.

Which can be great – for me – when I’m winning.

Not so great for the people around me – I’m a bit arrogant when I’m #1.

And terrible for everyone when I’m NOT winning. (And by winning, I mean blowing my quota out of the water and being #1 in the company – no matter what!)

I tend to be a front-runner. I’m fired up when I’m number one, but easily discouraged when I fall to second place or below.

I sabotage my sales managers when I’m not winning – they can’t figure out what is going on – I was doing so well. It is frustrating for them and I don’t clue them in on what I need. I stop working at full-speed-ahead. I get resigned.

What can I do to ensure that I set myself up for a long and happy run with this company, while honoring the “we’re a team” culture, and feeling like I am succeeding?


Ready to Grow UP!


Dear Ready to Grow Up,

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Dear Irreverent Sales Girl – Ready to GET STARTED!

Dear Irreverent Sales Girl - Ready to GET STARTED! I got this question today from someone just finishing their insurance exams – ready to rock the world! While *some* of it applies to Insurance, specifically, most of it is spot on for ANYONE who wants to be a great salesperson in any industry.

Thanks for the questions! Keep ’em coming! I will make YOU famous, next!

“Dear Irreverent Sales Girl,

I am just finishing up my insurance exams and I am READY TO GET GOING! Just wanted to learn what you know about selling insurance and getting going quickly!

– Ready to GET STARTED!”

Dear Ready to GET STARTED!

Congratulations on finishing your exams!

Here are my thoughts on being successful in the Insurance Industry (and most others, too, BTW!)

First: Seek to understand
Second: Recreate what your customer told you so you make sure you have it right
Then: Ask permission to share your ideas.

WARNING: Insurance is powerful. You can certainly help people with it, but you can also seriously HURT people.

If you learn your products all-the-way-through and sell them to people who TRULY benefit, you will be blessed.

(HINT: You will be taught a lot of ways to sell the wrong products for people’s needs. Be careful of this. FIRST look to see where the product is a BAD answer and find the place where the model breaks down – THEN determine if it does work. This requires using your brain, which I imagine you have, since you asked the question!)

I also know that the going can be VERY tough at the beginning.

Network well with estate planning attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors. Show THEM that you know how to use products in their clients’ best interests. Nurture these relationships and refer people to them as often as you can. Look for opportunities to refer people to them. Eventually, ask them what it would take for them to refer to you.

As you build your clientele, focus on designing systems to keep in touch with your clients often. Over-communicate. Check in to make sure that their insurance portfolio is serving their current (and changing) needs. Even if you simply send a mailing once a month with one of your favorite inspirational quotes or pictures, you will be touching their lives with your personal signature brand.

FUN FACT:  82% of insurance salespeople with the top companies quit.

It takes something amazing to be one of the top 18% (earning on average $65,000/year) and something EXTRAORDINARY to be the top 5%, which is where the real wealth happens.

FINALLY, (and it should probably be first). Always be on time. Always send a hand-written thank you note. No one can beat you if you keep this at the heart and soul of what you do.

Insurance can be a beautiful career, because clients who stay with you will pay their premiums over-and-over and your influence and resources will grow. Take care to build a solid foundation and the rest will take care of itself over time.

AVOID ROOKIE MISTAKE NUMBER FIVE…Never spend your commissions until your client is outside of their right-to-rescind period (30 days?). If they rescind, you owe the money back!

Love it UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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Dear Irreverent Sales Girl – What is the most rewarding aspect of the sales profession?

Dear Irreverent Sales Girl - What is the most rewarding aspect of the sales profession? I got this question today from a dear and generous Jesse:

Dear Irreverent Sales Girl:

“What is the most rewarding aspect of the sales profession for you, Irreverent Sales Girl?”

Dear Jesse,

I laughed out loud for quite some time when I read your question. I will make this an article on my blog.

The most rewarding aspect? Just one?

First, you should know that I hate sales! (hee hee) It’s got a bad rap. Imagine the cocktail party…”What do you do?” …”I am a salesperson”…Watch them shift uncomfortably, look for the door, and get the *Blank* out of there!

Yet, it is MUCH more honest than “I am an Entrepreneur”, which sounds good, but makes me want to throw up on people.

So, more than one answer:

1)      Sales requires ALL of you. Every aspect. You can never all-the-way win – so you never stop growing. Terribly uncomfortable. Terribly rewarding.

2)      Unlimited income potential.

3)      Autonomy.

4)      I like being accountable for my company’s success, without having to run a company.

5)      When it works, I connect with amazing people.

6)      I am only as good as my last sale. The re-set button happens as soon as the deal is closed. GAME ON!

7)      Finding out how good and how terrible I am – all at the same time.

8)      Finding out how selfish and how generous I am – all at the same time.

9)      It is always a new day.

10)   It feeds my mental illness – I MUST BE THE BEST – UGH!


What about you? What  is the most rewarding aspect of the sales profession for you, Jesse?  (Comments welcome – not ONLY from Jesse!)

Love it ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl